Can wolves remember you in Voyageur?


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I'm currently playing in Voyageur, day 32. I started in Pleasant Valley and recently migrated to the Coastal Highway, and I've settled in the house across the road from the gas station.

When leaving the fuel station, I was jumped by a gray wolf that seems to like to haunt this area, but I managed to fight her off and recover. I had originally planned to settle in the gas station but this made me decide to pick the house with a porch so I have a better chance to avoid getting jumped when I leave that building.

Sure enough, the following day a wolf was right outside, just past the porch, and when it realized it couldn't reach me it turned away. I was still mad that it had damaged my gear the day before so I took a shot at it, but it ran off before I could finish it off.

This morning, as I'm leaving the house again I scanned carefully before stepping off the deck and caught a hint of movement by the road. I crouched, crept up the snow bank and made eye contact with the wolf just as I crested the ridge, and it turned and ran like the wolves do in Pilgrim.

So my questions are:

  1. Is this the same wolf that I have successfully fought off once and shot once?
  2. If yes, does that mean the wolves remember you in Voyageur?
  3. If also yes, does that mean the wolves remember you in Stalker?


I returned to my game, started heading off in the opposite direction, and she must have looped around to come at me from behind (or she had a friend). I managed to get a shot off but didn't kill her, but I did kill her with my hunting knife before she managed to kill me.

Folks, I cannot properly express how interesting this game is.

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You know, I would have to test that because I never thought about if wolves would remember me.

That would be a really interesting dynamic because then it would build up this grudge like atmosphere where animals will try to stalk and kill you.

From my knowledge, it takes two rounds to kill wolves from a distance, but at point blank range it is only one. And from what I have seen most wolves will bleed out. :P but I'm not 100% sure on that. Plus I don't know how I would remember individual wolves, but once again this sounds really interesting to experiment with.

Btw, nice rig! =D

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Okay, so my rabbit fur mittens and deer skin leather pants are at 57% after dealing with two wolf attacks and getting caught in a blizzard, my deerskin boots are at 70% (so I traded them for insulated) and my wolf coat is at 87%, and I left my stockpile of cured deer in Pleasant Valley. Therefore I decided to head over to the group of cottages further down the road, with the intention of trying to find a backup pair of pants to wear, and as I went that way another wolf came running out on the ice chasing a rabbit. I took the opportunity to go inside the nearest house which had a nice porch with a railing all the way around it, figuring I'd have a little protection as I came out in case it showed up.

I found a raw venison steak in the fridge among other things, so as I was leaving I went to the side of the house, staying on the porch, and built a small fire on the snowbank to cook it. Then, just as I was leaving the porch the wolf appeared, saw me and turned tail, taking off.

I decided at this point that this was probably a game mechanic where it is possible to surprise a wolf in voyageur. Remembering what happened the last time, I headed directly to another house with a small porch, and got on the porch just in time for the wolf to return, this time snarling and ready to attack. He failed to reach me, and I shot him as he was walking away, one bullet to the back of the head.

As I was building a fire to prepare to harvest the pelt, guts and meat, a bear showed up.


I moved back to the porch, and managed to take the bear down with two bullets, one to the face, and the second directly between the eyes.

Looks like I won't be going hungry for a while, but I still need some deer skins.

Anyway, it looks like this is consistent behavior where you may be able to startle a wolf if you are armed and at 100%, but you should take the opportunity to find a safer place to engage that wolf because it will most likely return, and quickly.

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It happened to me more than a few times, picking up a fight with a wolf and after that seeing a wolf running away from me, scared. I assumed it was the same wolf I wounded before. A few times after a wolf ran from me it stopped not too far away and when I ran towards it, it yelped and ran away again.

Also, if you are wearing the wolf pelt jacket it may scare some wolves. A few times I ran into a wolf I didn't notice and it yelped and ran from me. I don't know if it was because of a previous fight or because of the jacket.

I'm not sure I've noticed this behaviours since I started a Stalker run, but I remember observing them quite often when I was playing in Voyageur.

I guess we could safely assume that it is indeed possible for a wolf to become scared of you after you beat it like a rug.

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