Harvesting Deer Crash


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Greetings! Whenever I harvest anything from a deer (I haven't tried other animals yet) the game freezes almost as soon as I walk away from the carcass. The audio is still reacting to controls (I can hear myself walking, etc.) but the screen is completely frozen and I have to force the game to shut down using the task window. I've tried this in several different locations and the same result. This wasn't a problem initially but then around day 5 in game it happened once and has been happening consistently every time I harvest from a deer.


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Try to:

In Steam interface, click on "LIBRARY".

In games list, right click on "The Long Dark".

Choose "Properties"


Paste into text box "-force-d3d9" without the quotes

Click "OK".

Click "CLOSE".

The game defaults to dx11 mode and I don't think integrated graphics cand handle it properly. This will hopefully solve your problems :D

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