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I made it ten days, I'm getting better.

But I tried killing a bear, and only seemed to notify him of my presence, and thus I became his chew toy.

I was there anyway to defend once it is upon me, and is the rifle the only way to kill it?

Also I'ds there a better rifle to be found? I assume the rife shoots better or does more damage when at 100%, and that may have been my problem.


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Congrats - you'll discover more and more self-taught techniques to survive longer and longer as you go along... it's surprising how well the game lets you play and adapt your own style.

For the bear, well once he gets to you, you're pretty much his chew toy (in the game and IRL)... he's usually give you a chance to live unless your condition was too low to begin with, but yeah they don't take to kindly to being poked or shot at, and they will protect their territory.

The bears (like the wolves) do have kill zones for instakill shots, but otherwise they can take quite a bit of damage before bleeding out if you're going for a fast kill... best to keep a distance, and make sure you have someplace to escape to or that you can attack from while out of reach.

Besides the regular rifle, you can craft a bow... It is possible to killed a bear with a single arrow shot, but I'll let you scan through some videos or try some attempts on your own to see what works best ;)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.