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Hello Hinterland!

1.) I love The Long Dark. It's wonderful.

2.) I have played the game with XPadder for every update for awhile now. So, when we got controller support, I did a happy dance. Unfortunately, being the fickle human I am, quickly started to hate it. The buttons aren't where I want them! (*Snivel-grump*).

I was wondering if it would be possible to have the option of changing buttons on my controller. (And if I already can, please don't laugh at me too loudly when you explain how I do that.)

Again, I REALLY love The Long Dark. It feels like the only Alpha release that has a full game feel. Even when things get a little repetitive (as actually survival usually does), I still love it. I've never survived more than 50 days and I still don't know how to cure hides, but I love it.



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