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Hi everybody!!

My name is Kevin and I run the gaming channel and I am know as "Clever Kevers" on there. :)

I really enjoy playing video games and have recently tightened down the hatches for dedicating my time and energy into creating videos on a regular basis. I used to sporadically post videos without any follow up, but I have changed that around.

Anywho, would love to get to know you guys and learn any advice, suggestions or tips you have for playing The Long Dark. :D

I really, really enjoy this game so far and love what Hinterland is doing with it.

Cheers and happy gaming!

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Hey, Kevin!

We have a great group here that's super supportive and helpful when it comes to giving tips to new players. You might find some interesting discussion in our "How to Play" forum. Please absolutely feel free to ask questions, but I'd caution against getting TOO much help -- Discovery and exploration are such amazing parts of the game, and I think you'll feel a huge sense of satisfaction once you actually start to master things yourself.

Thanks for the support and welcome to the forums!

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