#40 Still freezing whilst next to fire


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At the dam, on the porch to the left I set up a fire and stood close to it. It still reported me as being freezing. I tried moving a step closer and burned myself.

This is the first time this has happened to me, all other times I build a fire and I'm then not freezing anymore.

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What was the weather like? And what was the outside temp at the time? Was your temperature bar moving to the left at all, or was it pegged red and right?

Details man, details! :)

I'm not certain, but I would guess at certain extreme outdoor temps even a fire wouldn't help. In those situations, I would imagine only an indoor building and a stove would help.

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Yes correct. Although I'm not privy to the formulae, if its -28 and windchill of -2 and your clothing is at a low % then a fire isn't going to do a great deal. See if this happens again in the same place, and then get back to this thread.

BTW I couldn't Repo this at all.


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