Few suggestions after several hours of play.


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1. Balancing of the repair system.

Right now I find repairing Deerskin Boots material inefficient. It usess less resources to just make a new pair. And id like to suggest that Cured Leather could be used to repair Boots, Coat or Pants.

Using 1xDeerskin Hide + 2x Guts could yield a 60% (or so) repair.

And maybe you could cut Hides or Pelts to get smaller pieces of cured leather so you could make smaller repairs on different items. It would not force you to go wolf hunting if you could just cut a piece of Deer Hide to repair your coat.

2. Cooking and Food

Smaller portions of meat should cook faster right now 1 kg of meat cooks as long as 0,1 kg.

I wish i could chop meat into smaller portions for decoys.

3. Workbench...

... is a pain in the ass. I preffered the dropdown list.

4. The idle moments when something happens offscreen (sleeping/foragin/cooking etc.) take too long.

5. I Really wish there was a way to use the fuel from the lamps. Either for another lamp or to the jerry can.

That beeing said - the game is 10/10!

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Ditto above, and for 4.

Something to consider how ever. On repairing vs. crafting. Yes, it does take less resources to simply make new. But, repairing takes way less time. At 100 days or so, you will have enough guts and skin to make a new animal. So while yes, the resources seems skewed, time, calories, player condition, food, water... The current system might make sense. Just a thought.

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