Wider Diversity Of Dead People

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I know it adds more work, but I do find it strange finding pretty much identical dead people everywhere... Would love to occasionally see a dead female or different nationality in the mix too. Mostly just an immersion thing -- feels unnatural that only men in the same outfit occupy the entire wilderness.

Oh yeah -- and more restrooms... Only found one toilet in the entire region, and it was occupied. I kept waiting for a message "You Have Died From A Burst Bladder"... yes I know we can do our business outdoors, but it's already cold enough, and I prefer to avoid yellow icicles during my travels.

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Ha! We need another status bar... "Need To Pee"

Naaa, we just need Will to say "So cold I'm starting to feel warm again...oh, nevermind."

...then your core temp should increase temporarily. Don't laugh. It could save your life!

Or maybe if you have a few extra water bottles... :lol:

[bBvideo 560,340:1ukgicln]

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