No Light From Fire If Started with Flare in hand


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Description: had a flare in lit and in hand tried started a fire in the broken down hut near the logging cabins. No light emitted from the fire, could not touch, gained warmth, could not get burned by the fire.

OS: PC Win8

Repro: Walking around with flair lit in hand, go to hut by logging cabins, start fire

Location: broken down hut by logging cabins

Visibility: Only happened once so far



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Guest Alan Lawrance

Is it possible the wind picked up (>25 MPH) or the wind shifted? Winds > 25MPH will extinguish fires if they are not sheltered from the wind, and will give the properties you described... although the warmth should rapidly diminish.

I have a feeling we need to make it more clear that a fire has been extinguished by winds.

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I couldn't Repo this after 4 tries. All at the Open cabin at the Logging Trailers. Flare in hand light fire, fire glows hot, and burn, and warmth.

I would tend to agree with Alan on this. If you can't Repo it again, I will move it to the By Design in a day or two.

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