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So I just started a new game so i can get a look at whats new an for bugs, but it occurred to me as I was making the trip from the Trappers Cabin to the Camp Office... How do people get to Mystery Lake?

The Workers at the Hydro Dam, (if it has a microwave and a snack machine then people do work there) The Forest Rangers, the Lumber Jacks, the folks that work at the Camp Office and the people who rent cabins. There is no roads leading out of Mystery Lake, even one that has been blocked by a landslide. Obviously there is the Train tracks, but there is no station to pick people up or drop them off, even if its just a platform, with a basic covering. And Im sure its been mention before(probably by me at some point) but there is a lack of cranes or other heavy equipment at the logging road to move timber and load them on the train. Granted Im probably just aiming for more things to loot. but still

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