Reason for Death "Exposure" When I Died From Blood Loss


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Description: Died from blood loss after applying the heavy bandage and not taking antibiotics or getting any rest. Reason for death was "exposure" see pic

OS: PC Win 8

Repro steps : Get attacked by wolf, survive, apply bandage, wait for death

Location: anywhere

Visibility: always


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Guest Alan Lawrance

Is it possible you were Freezing when you died? We turn off the sub-condition status (Freezing, Starving, etc) on the HUD once the death panel is active. For consistency we should probably also turn off the affliction displays too.

Right now we don't include afflictions in the cause-of-death description when one of the 4 "big" causes of death is active -- Freezing ("Exposure"), Starving, Dehydration or Fatigue ("Exhaustion").

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This topic is now closed to further replies.