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I love that I have a quick snapshot of the weather/survival status bars/ect. with the TAB key, what I would like to see is an option to have the TAB key either be a one click open menu one click close, as it is now, or the ability to have it be an open on TAB key hold down, then close on release of TAB key. I find myself doing a lot of quick checks on weather/status bars, so being able to take a quick "peak" would be great, instead of two TAB key presses..hope that makes sense..LOL :D also I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING THE GAME SO FAR YOU GUYS!!! Thank you so very much for your amazing efforts thus far!!! Have to share this screen shot...AMAZING!

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That is an awesome picture! Isn't is just amazing that this small team of talent designed a world like that for us to explore. I just can't stop admiring that type of talent.

As for your suggestion. At first I was thinking, 'com'on, an extra button push...really?!'. Five seconds later I was thinking, "Actually, now I kinda want this separate quick button." I think I would use it a lot as a part of regular situational awareness.

I think it would have to be a separate key though. Otherwise, what would you be doing if you had to do some extensive work in the menu? You'd have to sit and hold the key down. This would be cumbersome and a gaurantee people would complain about that. If I could actually choose the key it would be one of the side buttons on my gaming mouse.

I would imagine this would go way down on the list of priorities for the dev team though since it isn't critical to the game itself and/or it isn't a game breaking bug.

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