Unexplained Death [.v.065 | #27]


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Were you attempting to sleep or do anything else? Or did you just die standing there? Did you hear any wolf sounds?

Sorry I wasn't more verbose with my post last night, it was 1am and I was mostly mental mush lol. I recall having food poisoning and trying to get the required sleep needed to recover and this screen appeared as I awoke. Sorry I can't be specific to which trailer I was in at the time. Thanks for ticket submission! :D

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Most likely you died of exhaustion or dehydration in your sleep, I have had this quite a few times even when I have taken Antibiotics and I am trying to get the 12 hours of rest needed to recover. Food poisoning is totally brutal you have to be pretty lucky to have the energy, antibiotics, and shelter to kick it.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

If you were dehydrated or exhausted when death occurred, that would have been reflected in the "cause of death" text.

Since you had food poisoning, your condition would have continued to degrade while sleeping (unless you have taken antibiotics).

The problem is that sleep continues for the full duration, even if you die during your sleep. So what happened here is the food poisoning ran its course, after you died from it! So when it came time to determine your cause of death, there was no apparent reason!

This is fixed for the next update... death (and other things, like wolf attacks!) now properly end sleeping.

Also fixed in the next update: you will never suffer condition loss from exhaustion while you are sleeping.

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