Farmhouse Stove/Disappearing Arrows


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Encountered a few buggy things playing the new update:

1) While using the stove in the kitchen of the PV farmhouse the view will shift to being inside the adjacent wall instead of looking in the stove while lighting it, or instead of hovering over the top while cooking.

2) When using the survival bow (with plenty usable arrows in my inventory), sometimes an arrow will not be loaded into firing position, but the bow can still be drawn and when released an arrow will then disappear from inventory and is nowhere to be found on the ground.

This is the first time I've reported any bugs, mostly because you guys are too fast at fixing them! Probably my favorite game of all time at this point guys, thanks so much for all your hard work.

edit: sorry for posting both bugs in the same post, I'll separate them in the future

edit2: looks like I didn't scan the posts far enough, both these bugs have been reported already.

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