Greetings from Ohio


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Hi everyone. I grew up in upstate New York where the winter weather came with tons of snow and ice, and in particular the Coastal Highway strongly reminds me of the less populated sections around Lake George, NY in the winter time. After college I moved to New Orleans and lived there for 7 years, which ruined me. Even though we've been living in Ohio for the past decade, I just can't get used to the cold weather in the winter time.

Consequently, The Long Dark fills a certain need of traveling around through the ice and snow without having to actually freeze to death in the process. Thank you Hinterland people for creating such a great game, and keep up the awesomeness.

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Hey, Ohio!

I'm from North Carolina myself, so I had opposite issues with the weather. A lot of my family lives in Ohio though - It can be really nice up there when it wants to be!

Glad you're enjoying yourself and took the time to say hello! Welcome!

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