more interative foraging, tents, sitting, and candles


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Not sure if this has been stated before or if it is planed but a more iterative foraging for wood and tinder. When I need to chop wood I want to have the tool in my hand pressing a button to chop the wood. Hitting LMB 20-something times to pry wood with your hands off a downed tree. Smashing furniture to get reclaimed wood. Getting the player involved is in-portent.

Tents, whale not vary worm, would protect you from the elements some, witch is good. A bearskin tent would be cool.

In the trappers homestead I tend to want to sit down in the chair in front of the stove when a fire is going when I'm Harvesting and repairing my gear and cooking my food/water. Because standing for that sort of thing for hours on end would suck.

I've read this on older posts. I think deers, wolfs, and bears should have fat and bone. The bone could be used for fishing hooks as alternative to scrap metal. And the fat could be cooked down into tallow witch could be use for candles and soup among other things.

Repairing gives me a idea that can be like a mini game and if you fail in the mini game you fail the repair. The mini games could be something like fallow a doted line with a Needle or something I don't know. Higher repair skills give you easier mini games. Kinda like the safe-cracking. I think it would make it more fun and changing.

Also I think we should be able to pick up all the louse cloth in building. Things like towels, rugs, curtains, ect. because the way I see it it's a untapped resource waiting to be used. And if I am in need of same cloth, I'm going to use it. Also a way to make a cloth maybe from hides.

And sharping stones, I see them a lot but I can't use them witch suck. The way I see it it could be used to repair the hatchet and hunting knife if they are at or above 75% condition. work like the work bench maybe use fat or tallow as a lube I don't know.

Grate game I love it so far!

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