Cannot Play Since Update - Crash after 2-3 minutes


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A few months back I would play this game with no problems. I've recently tried to start up again and since the update, 2 things seem to be consistently happening: first, I would see parts of the screen blink from white to black. Then the game would just lock up, or even lock my PC up.

This happens more quickly when I head into The Ravine by the dam (my most recent starting point).

I'm playing on Windows 8 on my laptop.

Intel® Core i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz


Intel® HD Graphics 4600

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Try running the the 'tld_dx9" batch file, you can find it in your game folder. Or, steam->right click on the game->properties->set launch options->and put in "-force-d3d9", without the quotation marks. Either way does the same thing, forces the game to run in DirectX 9 mode. If it works it's a problem they know about and they're working on fixing it. If it doesn't do it for you, upload your output_log file which is in ...\steamapps\common\TheLongDark\tld_data. If sans Steam it's in "this is your game folder"\tld_data.

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