The application "The Long Dark" for IOS

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I could be wrong, but as far as I know that looks like an unauthorised app using The Long Dark trademarked name. It looks like they're actually trying to cash in on Hinterland's game, and even use pretty much the same description.

If it is an unauthorized work based on their game, then I doubt the studio would consider reviewing the app, even though use of the description and name almost makes it sound like it's an official (approved and released) mobile app for The Long Dark.

Normally, if it had been a legit and legal product release for the game, we likely would have heard or seen an announcement from the studio. Until I see a response from the studio either confirming or denying the authorized release of that product, I refuse to support, recommend, or download/buy it... Something seems very fishy, and I don't trust that to be a legit TLD release.

The devs are really swamped and busy right now, but I'll wait and perhaps they can drop in a say whether or not there was an agreement for the app, I took a look for that procodemedia publisher's website (using the URL they provided), and there is no website.

In fact, even tracking down their LinkedIn profile, the page is blank (no employees or company info listed apart from the empty website). The only search references appear to be free directory listings which they've created themselves. :o

Something smells seriously scammy, and I wouldn't trust running any app from them -- at least not until we actually hear from Hinterland that it's safe.

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  • Hinterland

Hello! This is an unauthorized app and the app developer has created it without our knowledge or permission. We're taking steps to have it removed.

In the future, if someone wants to create an app that benefits from our hard work on the game, we'd appreciate they talk to us about it first.

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The plans of the developer of this app are very optimistic.

" FEATURES: • Walkthrough Videos • Read character bios • Guide on every level • Cheats and tricks in level • How to get through Challenge Modes • Manual Game Guide • Trailer Videos • And many more "

Here are two more links for this app in the appstore :

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Seems like he likes to cash in on everyones hard work . . Some other Titles !!

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