Can be fired arrow refund?


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Hey,guys!! :D:D First of all,congrats on all these great updates and amazing new contents in game.Hinterland team again showed us they overcome ours and their own expectation on TLD.Respect to your work.

I have one question.I didn`t make a bow and arrows yet,as I still have 31 bullets in my old save,so no ned to craft secondary weapon yet. :) But,I would like to ask you,devs,if fired arrow can be refound,once fired,if we miss target?I mean,if it hit tree or ground instead target...if we try to search it,will we find it,or we simply lose it? Thanx for answer in advance.

At this occasion I would like to say hello to all game friends and community.I know I wasn`t much active lately,but real life is now my primary focus,as there is alot of work to do.I still play game and continue surviving in my run,but not that often as in winter period time.I will be back to fully activity again when there will be fall and winter time.I hope you don`t miss me too much,hehehe.

Keep on enjoying in this awesome game and keep this great community alive,as honourable respect to Hinterland team,who gave us such great masterpiece art of work,which serve for pure entertainment.

Peace,love&respect to all!! :D:D

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I noticed that arrows left outside are rapidly deteriorating

i can't repair Arrow, only harvest.

and until now, i can't loot arrows on carcass.(one try on wolf who don't dissapear until 2 days i think)

(i still wait to confirm bug)

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Yes, the arrows can be refound and reclaimed ;)

Hey,Bill! :) Glad to see you are still active here. :) I hope Chill will come back from his reality world soon,too. :D:D:D Haven`t speak with him quite for a whille.

Thanx for answer,though.And I have another question. :oops: As I have old save,before Hotfix v236 I didn`t find any saplings,now there are in ML exactly on places,you described.I found bunch of birch saplings,but only two maple saplings in wholle ML area+transition zone from ML to PV and from ML to CH,as well in wholle CH area.Ok,maybe I will have to check CH more detailed every corner.I just wonder,if saplings regrow,like we can refound crow feathers at same places after a whille? I need still to check wholle PV.I checked only that birch forest at Red Barn,but no saplings there.

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Always good to see the seasoned veterans are still around. ;)

Hey,Hotzn. :D Glad to see you here,too. :) No worries...we are all still here arround,just hidden like ninjas,haha.We,veterans,are loyal to this community and Hinterland team.Just,it is normal,that we don`t hang arround here all the time.It will come time with more activity,no worries. ;)

Just keep on supporting great work of designers and keep this community friendly,like it always was. ;) And,most of all...enjoy the game and all,what Hinterland offers to us.

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