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Hi folks

I have killed 2 wolfs with the bow in v.235 .The first was easy to hunt,i chased a deer in the wolfs path near Trappers Homestead,the Wolf have killed the deer(because the deer run into a fallen tree,the wolf begin eating the dear,i went indoors for the bow and arrows.When i go out,the wolf runned into the fallen tree (bug).I shoot him with the bow 5 meters away,instant kill.The arrow loose 10 % of its health.Few days later,i see a wolf,come to it ,he ran toward me,i shoot an arrow,i missed but the wolf flee when i shot the arrow at him.

I went out again with my bow ,run to a wolf,he started to run at me,i went back,dropped some food,but i stay 10 meters away,he came to the lure,beginn to eat,then i shot it with an arrow from about 5 meters,but the wolf run away, bleeding.I went home,sleep for an hour,then went to find him.I found the wolf ,but none arrow was at him :shock:

And in v.235 it was the first time that i have a quick kill or instant kill on a bear.Never happened to me before.In older versions,i shot one bullet, near a building or an outbuilding and let him blead out,waiting safely.In 235,PV ,i lured him to an outbuilding,shot,and quickly run in to the outbuilding (the same type that is near trappers homestead) ,waited that the bear woud charge...nothing happens.I went out and where he was when i shot him ,there was the bear, dead.It can be that he maded a step or two,but he must be dead instant or in few seconds after the shot.

Whats your experience ?

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