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various issues i asking to myself

1°) Are deers and wolves leave their footprints in the snow ? (i do not feel)

if not, is this a planned evolution ?

2°) i found recently door on carter hydro dam's underground ? it is a kind of bunker that randomly spawn, or it is new feature (future translation may be) ?

3°) i don't understand why fishing is so unprofitable !?

we need break ice

sometimes we lost fishing tackle on ice,

it take us full hours

raw fish's calories are lesser than raw meat

raw fish still need to be cooked

we are exposed to blizzard and all weather's fluctuations (okay,this is not completely true, we are protect from Wind)(but we stay more times outside by fishing)

but indeed, we're not exposed to wolf, (this is the only advantage that I know) (but it seems to me that we don't exposed to wolf when we're harvesting carcass) (but while fishing, we don't loot guts) (fat fish has a strong potential however)

4°) on time today, it is possible to survive by fishing only ?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.