#22 Lighting bug logger trailer/Tree Flicker (v.065)(v.076)

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Platform: Windows

Version: .065

Description: When mousing over the (I think) northern most logger trailer in the Loggers Camp a lighting bug causes the lighting on the trailer to brighten and darken. I was only able to reproduce this on the northern most of the three trailers (i.e. the one with the log piles behind it), but did repro it successfully. It was also early in the morning ~7am, so the sun was behind me and hitting the door of the trailer, since it faces generally eastwards.

Repro steps:

1. Stand in front of the northern most logger's trailer (at ~7am?)

2. Mouse back and forth from the doorway to the wall and back (the transition seems to be on the door frame)

See this unlisted YouTube video.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

This is a Unity bug that has to do with tree culling (which causes shadows to flicker on/off as the trees are culled on/off). This bug has been logged already in our system, and we may have to attempt some workarounds to minimize this problem if Unity isn't able to fix the problem soon.

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It's bug #22. I'll close it here and in the ticket system because it's something that Alan is already dealing with that is a Unity issue.

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