Random events in game. My options.


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Here already said that casual events in game could make it more interesting. I offer the options.

1. The bear scented row meat and drove away (struck) a wolf when it eats a deer. The wolf escaped, the bear eats.

2. Wolves and bears try to get into the house if feel row meat inside - they can break a door. The player will be needs a hammer and wood to repair a door (differently at it the wind will blow and will become colder). Interestingly if animals could get into the house on all modes (on the lung they would only try to steal food, on the difficult - attacked the hero).

3. Wolves could hunt on crows when those sit down on snow (even better not wolves, but foxes). The player could kill crows with bow.

4. There can sometimes be a rain. After it on the street in canisters or pools it is possible to extract dirty water.

5. Because of geomagnetic activity light (there is an electricity) can sometimes blink and then by radio tell news, but still quickly breaks and the electricity again vanishes.

6. Sometimes when there is a heavy snow, the wind someone whistles can call on the help (simply a voice and everything, hardly audible)

7. The strong wind can sometimes open the doors in the house (or windows) and the hero wakes up (if sleeps) from a roar, and it needs to close a window or a door which continue to publish noise.

8. Deer can butt horns with deer

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Bear attacks would be amazing, and would make hunting them both more dangerous and more necessary if you wanted to set up camp near one. A shelter improvement and repair mechanic would also add a lot of depth, IMHO. Especially with random events and or structural deterioration.

Bears and wolves scavenging from one another or defending territory from one another would be really cool.

Rain would be an awesome addition, especially with an added mechanic for the dangers of being wet.

I love the idea of more wildlife, and more possible interactions with the wildlife.

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Rain would certainly be a pain, and add to the difficulty. But, personally, I'd rather they didn't add rain -- it's supposed to be winter, and the temperatures are cold enough that rain shouldn't be likely.

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I also like the perpetual winter. However, most areas of the world don't consistently stay at or below freezing (although Northern Canada might be one of the ones that do) for the entire winter. Also, it would be an interesting risk-reward mechanic - do you venture out when it's above freezing and risk getting rained on?

It can rain in the winter, especially in Alaska or on the west coast of Canada in the winter. The reason is that a warm air system comes up from the south pacific, and is dropping it's water as it gets forced above the colder air that is sitting wherever it is raining. In these conditions, the air up higher will actually be warmer than the air on the ground, which can result in lots of fun conditions, like where it is snowing up high, but that melts and turns into rain on it's way down, or freezing rain, where it's liquid up high, but gets so super chilled on it's way to the ground, it basically freezes solid as soon as the rain hits anything.

If this were to be implemented, it would need to be part of a larger weather overhaul, so we could predict future weather with at least a bit of confidence.

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Certainly I agree it can rain in winter, but from what we can see so far it looks like it is meant to be quite cold-- cold enough that I doubt there would be the right conditions for rain. Those coastal areas typically do not experience deep freezes we see in game due to the warming influence the adjacent ocean. Which is why some folks suspect that the climate has been altered to be cooler as a result of the Event, which could make rain even less likely, OR make weather just crazier. :)

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