The story of a lone survivor

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Well I had a writers blockage for several weeks now and while being in the situation described below I felt the need to write it down. And I hope I managed to live up to this incredible atmosphere. Hope you like it :)

P.S. Might include little spoilers for PV transition.

So this is it....

I am at the dam. I made it. And yet I won't make it.

13 hours ago I left my new home in the farmstead to look for the secret entrance to mystery lake. I had no choice. I had plenty of food, but my bullets were getting rare, I ran out of matches and fuel for my lantern. So I left everything I didn't need behind and spent hours looking for the cave. The cave to another world. Well, I finally found it. Despite the fog that was hanging between the hills and the snow that had started to fall again. The entrance scared me, but I made it through it. I lost my way more than once, but I found it back again. There was a terrible snowstorm when I left the warm cave. I was able to collect a bit of wood, but I clearly didn't want to take a rest here. I started to run out of water while wandering the iced river.

And suddenly there it was. The dam. Like an enormous monster lurking in the storm. Waiting for me. I was relieved and still a bit scared. What would I find in there?

I climbed up the rocks and fought my way up through the storm. I was strong, I knew what I wanted.

I reached a door, but the handle was missing. What now?

I pushed away the panic that tried to take over my mind. I had to stay sane, otherwise I could jump from the cliff here and now. There needed to be a way in. But here I wouldn't find it. So I took a deep breath and, avoiding to look down, balanced over the ledge to the other side. I lit my torch while the darkness took over the sky. And the panic was still there. A hungry animal demanding to be fed. Another deep breath, a hasty look around. Nothing. But there had to be a way! I knew it. So I climbed every snow hill, looked into every dark corner and finally I found an open window. I let out a deep sigh and climbed through it.

I looked around in the fading light of my torch. Diffuse light, broken furniture and a few forgotten items. I was out of breath. I took out my bottle of water and drank the last sip. That was all. I needed to find water. Quickly.

I searched every container, every cupboard I could find. My backpack was getting heavier and heavier and then there it was. A single can of soda. Better than nothing. I emptied it within seconds. But I didn't feel any better. So what was it? I sat down for just a second and then it struck me. I spent 13 hours running around in the cold, I needed sleep. So I rummaged through my backpack to take out my bedroll. After I put everything on the floor in front of me I knew it for sure. My bear skin bedroll, for which I risked my life over and over again, was still lying in the living room of the farmhouse in pleasant valley. I covered my eyes and tried to stop myself from crying. I was so exhausted.

So, this is my story. These will be my last words.

I am sitting here in carter hydro dam, after 50 days that I survived in this wilderness, in this cruel world full of death and loneliness, with my back against the cold wall. I just lit the lantern I found and fed it with my last drop of oil. Not long until it will be pitch-dark. Dark forever.

I am too weak to get up. Too weak to try to find a cabin with a bed. It's dark outside anyway.

I drink another can of soda. As if this would help.

I will die here, I am sure. I will die in this dam with two rifles and 22 shots. I am too weak and too scared to use one of them now. To end this before...The lantern flickers and the flame dies. It is dark. So dark. And I am alone.


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