Eating cooked food/drinking boiled water cumbersome

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I've found that trying to eat recently cooked meat, or drink recently melted/boiled water is a frustrating experience. In particular (and maybe this is because I'm just not very good at staying alive yet) every time I cook something I'm pretty desperate to eat it right away because I'm usually starving.

However, in order to eat something that I've just cooked I have to go through a (minimum) five-click sequence:

  1. 1. BACK on the campfire menu;

  1. 2. 'I' to bring up the inventory;

  1. 3. Sort by food items (actually two clicks, and not technically necessary, but otherwise you likely have to scroll through the list);

  1. 4. Select desired food item;

  1. 5. EAT button.

Overloading the campfire menu maybe isn't quite the right solution, but I keep thinking about Dark Souls: The campfire in Dark Souls is a save point, a safe point, and a resting place; entering into a campfire is like going into a different mode and everything you 'need' is right there. I kinda feel The Long Dark campfire menu should be similar, in a way - for a lot of plays a campfire might be the closest thing to a 'home' the player gets. I really want it to be comforting, in a way, but it only feels functional now.

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  • Hinterland

All UI will be overhauled soon. Should streamline a lot of these things. Keep in mind the systems have grown up organically over time and UI has expanded along with it, and accessibility isn't our #1 concern for this game.

In general there are issues with trying to embed too many overlapping uses in individual menus. Everything in its place.

Total side: Might feel like a lot of steps but this is the first time anyone has complained about it. :)

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Yeah, I figured that was the case. I had some other UI gripes as well, but I held back because I was assuming a major overhaul was on the way. This one though stuck out because the campfire menu is unique, in some ways.

Maybe everyone else is just better at 'not starving' than I am. ;)

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