Dead bear making bear noises (terrifying)


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Hey all!

I killed a bear outside my house. I didn't want to :( but he sort of forced the issue. However now when I go out my front door I am greeted by a dead bear corpse that makes bear noises.

It makes exactly one growl everytime I exit the house and the outdoors loads. Combined with the fact that its eyes still glow I'm pretty scared that this bear is going to go zombie on me and eat me while I sleep.

I am using the latest version and am in the pleasant valley farmhouse, the one with the porch.



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Edit: Confirmed, heard the dead bear at my door steps growling evertime i left the house.

Seems that all objects on the map are set to their final state only after the map is already being displayed to the player.

Also observable via:

- physic enabled objects reaching their final state only after you can already view the scene

- If you enter an area where you have opened a card hood right in front of you, you will actually see the hood open up right in front of you (there is cars at the gas station in coastal highway, where you can experience this. I've made a video, but i ended up deleting it, since everyone can just reproduce it 100% easily.)

Lazy "fix": Let the physic simulation run for 1-2 seconds before you brighten up the player screen after a area transition.

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