No saplings loading on old saves, v.235


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Hello, we've had a bit of discussion about being unable to find saplings groves anywhere. It might be affecting people with older saves, as loading new games seems to solve the issue.


Apologies in advance if this is not quite enough to classify as a bug, but I thought maybe I should put this on the radar and that if it is a bug, it's something that can be addressed without ditching my current save. Thanks!

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Similar results here. Now I understand that saplings are not meant to be common, but I am curious if there is a guarantee that there is at least one sapling in the Ravine Transition Zone between Mystery Lake and The Coastal Highway. This zone is manageable to explore FULLY and I have found no saplings in any area of that map. I explored it systematically to make sure I was not missing anything. I have spent hours going to the lesser traveled areas of ML, PV and the ML-PV zone and have not seen nary a one, birch or maple.

I don't want to assume its a bug and I may just be missing a rare spawn, but after 8 hours in game exploring on three zones, I am beginning to suspect bug.


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