Unable to craft clothing without a proper tool in V235?


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Just tried crafting those new Deerskin Pants and noticed that hours needed for crafting went up from some 13,5h or so, to 25h, that is if You have the materials needed, but not any tool to craft them (sewing kit, fishing tackle).

So the time needed for crafting rises, as it use to do when crafting without tools, but it just won't let You to proceed and actually craft, if no proper tool on Your inventory when trying to do so. (Voyager mode, Mystery Lake map, Camp Office crafting bench, guts and hides cured). You can still craft other items without tools, but not clothing?

When using a sewing kit to craft Deerskin Pants, it used 62% of that sawing kits condition in a process...

One thing I know for sure, I'm not gonna try and see how many sewing kits it would take to craft the whole set of craftable clothing?

Sure You would have Wolfskin Coat, Deerskin Boots, Deerskin Pants, Rabbitskin Mittens, but with what would You repair them if You run out of sewing kits and have no spare scrapmetal to craft hooks for fishing tackles, in order to keep repairing Your clothing?

It use to be hunting down every piece of cloth and anticeptic etc. in order to survive, but looks like after latest updates, it all comes down to how much scrapmetal You have, because now You will need it for everything...

Oh well... in order to survive, You need to accept and adapt or deny the facts and die ;) I guess it's time (once again) to change the way I play this game.

Never really been a fan of running around naked, but hey... if that's what it takes :lol:

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Well I haven't got to the point of crafting clothes in the new update yet but from your post I'd say this is a step in the right direction IMO.

I would never have used any cloth to repair clothing before the update because it simply wasn't worth it.

The cloth was always worth more as bandages and the cost of crafting new clothes was always lower than the benefit of repairing them.

After the update crafting new clothes have a higher cost both in terms of using up sewing kits and time (due to having to cure the materials for several days).

This not only makes repairing clothes a viable option but may even result in different priorities altogether...is it worth the extra warmth that the wolfskin coat gives over the premium winter coat, considering it will use up sewing kits?

Obviously everybody plays the game differently but I for one am glad that the game now makes me think about these things when I try to determine my best way to survive!

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