Bugged Convenience Store- Pleasant Valley


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Pleasant Valley, Rural Crossroads - Convenience Store

Triple lockers in the back of the store, the locker on the left.

It is full of items that I have dumped there.

When I returned the items were not there.

Upon returning once more they were there again.

The catch?

If I use the back door, the items will be there.

If I use the front door, the items will not be there.

I also noticed that all item spawns are repeated for each door. Walking in the front door gave me spawns for containers and hanging items. Walking in the other door, repeated the process.

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Mac or PC?

Version you're playing?

From a fresh run since the update, or using a save game file from version before the update?

It would also help if you include your debug file so the devs can see if they can spot any anomalies, and/or your game save file so the devs can try replicating it from your file.

The more information and specific details they have, the faster they can try tracking down a fix for you.

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