MAKING BOWS AND ARROWS resource locations


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Hey there fellas. I'm on a failing quest in finding maple and birch saplings on the coastal highway to craft a bow and arrows so I thought why not start a thread for it. If you find a resource and your up for it feel free to put down the location or near by landmarks, i.e birch saplings found along ______ creek pretty close to ______ lake. Also if you have any tips and tricks or cool moments you would like to share fire them off ass well.

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Mystery lake map

Exiting the new mystery lake to hidden valley door directly across the river on the hillside. You know you have found it because there is a campsite up there.

Standing at the sign (that heads up to the lookout tower) facing out into the logging area, will be in the trees at about the 10:30 postion.

Leaving the camp office and heading up towards the train tracks...will be 25 to 50 yards on the backside of that hill immediately in front of you.

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