Suggestion to change the mechanics of calorie consumption.


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Dear developers, I really like your game and I would like it to grow up and improves. After dozens of hours I spent playing it, I would like to make some suggestions. I would like to note that in the later stages of game survival turns into micro management of calories consumption. For example, you can go without food for 3-4 days, consuming only water. When health drops to 10-15%, it is enough to fill about 1,500 calories, sleep 12 hours, and health back to normal again. In my opinion it's not too realistic, also quite boring. I have a suggestion, you can introduce additional parameter of the character - the weight of the body. Infrequent eating leads to reduction in body weight, which leads to the inevitable consequences. For example:

- character more quickly get tired with reduced body weight

- shortness of breath occurs faster when walking and running

- character can carry less weight of inventory

- harder to resist cold

- wolves will attack weak character, on the other hand are wary of strong character

- the character is reduced immunity, he becomes increasingly susceptible to disease

- more easily to lose weight than gain it again (because the number of resources is strictly limited)

- etc

You can get rid of the problem of micro-management of calorie consumption after making these changes in the game mechanics. Healthy character must be on the move all the time and not spend weeks in bed to reduce energy consumption. I hope to be heard, thank you for your attention. English is not my native language, I apologize.

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