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Hey there,

I just have an idea about functional pinboards, like in Camp Office. You could use the pinboards to pin written papers for example a list of your things, food suplies etc...

To write list, you will need a pen or a pencil and a paper.

Papers will be made from a book, I mean like 20 papers from 1 book.

Pen or pencil will be very common stuff, and will be able to find in locations like Camp Office or Forestry Lookout.

Then at a crafting table you will select "Write Paper" and tool (pen/pencil). Then, a pop-up window will appear and you will write what you need. I wouldn't take any time, because the time you will spend on writing it will be the actual "crafting time". After you have done writing, you could leave it in your inventory, or pin it to a pinboard. In CO, there is a pinboard with pins in it, You will you them to pin your list.

Please, tell me what you think about it. I know that there's an actual log, but hey, it would be nice to write down papers of your items...

Ps.: Sorry for my English.

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