Loud feedback-like noise?


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So I was playing though in Pleasant Valley, and I heard this really loud feedback like noise.

I was listening to music, and was on teamspeak, but the people on the teamspeak didn't hear it, and it definitely wasn't the music I had playing as it was turned down really low. It was loud enough to make me jump.

Is the speculation true? Is it still possible that radios will still make noise randomly because of the geomagnetic disaster?

What would have happened had I been inside a house when I heard it?

Or was it just a waterfall I heard cracking?

Or maybe, am I being absorbed by the loneliness and isolation of The Long Dark???

Would love to hear other people's thoughts and experiences on this!

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I don't think it was my mic too close to my headset, as I use the apple earbuds. It was really weird, but the only way I could describe it was like a feedback noise you'd hear at a festival when someone is manhandling the microphone.

I would love to see the wolves and deer doing the polonaise, personally.

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