Anyone else having rabbit snaring issues since the patch


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The title seems to not belong in this thread but I was wondering if there is some dynamic change that I'm not able to pick up on. The traps keep getting robbed by wolves 100% of the time even without me letting them sit at all past the 12 in game hours it takes to snare a rabbit. Anyone else had any luck and if so what did u do and where was the location?

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Until today I was in a position of being 0 for lots when it came to trying to snare rabbits since the latest patch, but I caught 3 today. 8-)

All were found totally frozen and were obtained when I went out to check on the traps immediately after a lengthy blizzard ended. Not sure if that was just a co-incidence or not, but it seems to me like maybe the problem is that wolves/bears (which I'm guessing are now supposed to sometimes kill-steal you to make bunny trapping less trivially easy?) are currently always getting to any trapped rabbits unless bad weather prevents them for long enough for a catch to freeze solid. :?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.