Snaring rabbits bug


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I cannot for the life of me snare a rabbit since the patch. 100% of the time the traps are "sprung" as though a wolf ate the rabbits. I set 5 traps at a time and tried different things over multiple in game days including checking the traps at different intervals to see if you guys sped up the trap/wolf gets the rabbit if it sits to long dynamic. Same 12 hour time frame to catch rabbits but like I said where the rabbits should have been they were gone and trap was sprung. I also tried different locations in the same area (jackrabbit island) as well as trying to spread them way out as well as pretty close to one another. Time of day in the 12 hour cycle didn't seem to matter and there was one 24 hour period in my testing that wolves were nowhere to be found...I know because I was trying to kill the one that hangs out there to see if that made a difference.

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