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Just a quick thought, which may or may not be possible. But I think there should be an option to drop your rucksack in a hurry so you can move faster if you need to.

The other night I was killed by a bear after suffering Scavenger Syndrome, which is when you end carrying far too much because you really, REALLY wanted all that peanut butter. But as I was waddling away from the bear across the frozen lake, I thought that for real I'd dump my rucksack and if the bear happened to wreck it, so what? I'd be able to come back later and try and scavenege whatever was left.

At least I'd be alive.

I know this would mean a major change of the UI, but for real you'd keep things like the knife, axe and rifle immediately to hand, maybe with an MRE and some water. But everything else in the rucksack you'd want to be able to dump so you could manuever more quickly if you needed it.

Long Dark isn't real life, I know. But I wonder what anyone else thinks?

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I agree. The way I see it working is, you press a key and you drop everything except the clothes you are wearing and essentially your 1,2,3,4 keys.

So, if you have a flare or more, you'd keep one. Same with lamps and decoys. If you have a rifle or more, you'd keep one. If you don't have a rifle but have a knife, you'd keep that. Even though you can't use it directly it does provide a combat bonus. You would drop the backpack that's in the inventory, not one of those silly little green ones. And until you get it back, your weight limit would be very low. If you get it back. I can already imagine not finding it :roll:

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This has been requested and discussed before. The main problem is how to determine what items are in the backpack and what items are on your body (in your pockets/ on your belt etc). Personally, I would always carry my knife, firekit or some basic first aid items on my body so I wouldn't want to loose those when I drop my backpack in TLD.


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