Hole in the map, coastal highway abandoned mine


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On my way to explore this place and i saw the sun peeking through a hole in the wall, you can crouch through and come out on the other side where you can just fall into the void. Here some screenshots:

EDIT: The same thing happens once you come out of the mine at pleasant valley, its in the same spot (to the left of the door)




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In case it happens again, F8 also takes a screenshot and includes the details like the version number and exact location coordinates to help the devs track down the areas that may need to be rechecked.

Are you using Mac or PC?

Which version are you playing?

Are you playing a fresh run since the main update, or using a save file from the previous version?

That info should help the devs track down whether it's a current issue in the clean update, or if it's a compatibility issue with the geometry moved since the previous game version.

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