Mistery Lake out of bounds


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While it pains me to report this :lol: starting from here


and walking ever so delicately along the edge of the map in the direction towards the collapsed tunnel as it were, you can eventually get out of bounds, because starting with this cliff


everything except the ground doesn't have collision



so you can go see the end of the world (twisted my ankle getting there). Thief fans everywhere, rejoice :roll:




and fly past the moon


Sorry KSP fans, I'm no Jebediah, missed my orbital insertion and shot past it :roll:

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Also, in the brief time since my OP, I was able to do the same thing coming from the other direction.


I started climbing from somewhere behind the cabins closest to the camp office. The route I took is too convoluted to explain. I had to go along the edge away relative to the camp office, and when that wasn't possible anymore, coming back again towards the camp office, while still climbing.

It seems to me that, while a player can't climb a steep slope, he can take advantage of the fact that he can move sideways on the slope, edges of cliffs, invisible walls, what have you, which fell a bit "sticky". You look down, you should fall, but you don't.

So you are able to abuse level geometry.



And navigate sideways almost 90 degree slopes. Presumably, everywhere.


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Yup. Again.

This shows perfectly what I mean by sticky geometry.


Very shortly after. Is ML going to be expanded? :D


Hello moon :D


I'll stop here. Abusing the stickiness and taking your time to find geometry that happens to be favorable, you can go and see the end of the world. Also, with this hobby of mine I keep finding trees without collision and cliffs you can poke your head trough, like this.


Should I make a new thread with just coordinates of everything without collision that I find?

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Guest mcopeman

If its part of the same area feel free to put it on one post. If you are finding missing collision in other areas, probably best to make a new post. Thanks for all your help! I'll pass this on to the team.


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