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Hey guys,

Been playing this game for ages now, loving it. Since the last update, I can get into the game fine, but once I am actually in, all I can do is walk and look around. Tab key, 1,2,3 etc don't work, left click doesn't work. Nothing other than WASD and mouse look function. Any ideas?

I have checked the key mapping and everything is as it should be, but it just doesn't work.

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For the devs to know if there's some system setting blocking it, you should include your Debug Log

Next, you didn't mention which version you were loading? v.233, v.234, v.235 or a different version?

PC or Mac?

Did you verify the Steam files to make sure it's fully downloaded and updated?

Have you tried booting in DirectX 9 mode rather than the default DirectX 11 mode?

The more info you can provide them, the faster they can track down what make be causing the issue for you, and they'll be able to get you back playing ASAP :)

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