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I can't close my inventory with the "overall - menu" -key

(normally i used only one key for the menu where you can chose backpack, forage wood ..... -> go to my backpack with the mouse and close everything with the same key, this doesnt work anymore. either i have to use the specific key for the backback or the mouse to close.


i have the same problem with the keyboard doesnt work in inventory anymore

(switching between items)

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Guest mcopeman

Navigating the inventory using keys should be fixed in the next update.

I'm not sure what you mean by an "overall - menu" key? You can press ESC or use the mouse to press back. Was there some different way you were navigating before?


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i was used to use key for Survival Panel -> use mouse going inventory (Equipment)

-> use keys to navigate between items -> and use key for Survival Panel again to exit

(press it two times)

It basicly means that i never used the key for inventory but only the one for

Survival Panel and this doesnt work anymore. If you are inside your equipment

the key for the Survival Panel doesnt do anything (and navigation either). If you press the key for inventory

it will switch you back to the survival panel, than again into the inventory and after pressing

it for a third time it finally will close all menus.

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