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I was just exploring the new area when you leave the hydro dam. I wanted to stay on the right side of the river high up first

and was climbing up the mountain. On the other side i could see the right arm of the river and the end of the map.

I followed the way on the top of the mountain and could reach the area behind hydro dam (what should be mystery lake :D )

but i was falling down

Hydro dam from behind


Looks like mystery lake


If you could stand at the top of hydro dam and look to the dirextion of mystery lake you would see this:


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Guest mcopeman

Hmmm interesting. When you say the right side of the river is that facing the dam or with your back to it? Also do you think you could grab an F8 screenshot of where you started climbing the mountain? It would really help :)


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As i said, if you leave the dam and follow the path to the point where it drops down into the river, there you can climb up

here i stand on a rock above the path facing the dam


Here i am exactly at the same spot but facing away from the dam. here you can see (red) the path you normally should go down to the river and the spot (green) where you can climb up the mountain


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