Whet stone and sharpening mechanic


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I know this has probably been touched on before but I'd like to see a whet stone added to the game to maintain tools. Use a mechanic similar to firestarting in that it's skill based and would increase over time but each use of the whet stone degrades the whetstone itself and decreases the life expectancy of the tool.

In the early stages of whetstone/sharpening skill development you may or may not improve the condition of the tool and/or the amount you do increase it would be minimal, however, you will still reduce the lifespan of the stone and the tool. As you progress in the skill the probability of improving the tool's condition increases and the amount you improve it increases as well. The uses in a whet stone would be fairly high but the weight of the stone would play into your ability to carry it around with you.

Another possibility would be to require a workbench and make it a mini-game of sorts, requiring direct user input to sharpen tools, still maintaining the skill based aspect of it.

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I definitely agree that a whet stone is a great idea for an addition to the game. It should be a skill, with a percentage chance at failing to resharpen the tool, and a skill increase on every successful sharpening or thereabouts. Adding an oil based item into the game as well would be great to increase the realism of sharpening - like vegetable or mineral oil. One oil could be better than the other and give you a better chance for a successful sharpen, just like different wood types that catch easier with fire-starting.

The mini-game idea is also good as an alternative, similar to opening a safe :)

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