v.228 Railings clipping and glitching.


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I noticed this recently, I play on the Mac version, and I know there are a far few of us who do, so I thought I mustn't be the only one who's experienced this.

The railings going up to the forestry lookout, and all railing on the ML map (as I've not left it since starting my new sandbox) glitch and clip, I do have pictures of them, which I will provide.

Also, I was walking through Clearcut going to the Forestry Lookout, and it was foggy and I could see the glitching railings through the fog.

Just thought I would bring it up. (It may be fixed by now, I haven't played since the 5/22 update)

The photos were taken in rapid succession.






The best way to see it would be to see mac gameplay. I'm sorry if this isn't enough. But I thought I would report it anyway.

Thanks for making such an awesome game!

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Guest mcopeman

That seems to be a bit of a reoccurring bug. :/ Thanks for letting us know! I'll pass it on to the team.

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