Beans beans everywhere, and not a bite to eat.


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It's somewhat frustrating to have cans of beans in your pack, but to still die of starvation-- the one can opener I've found broke after two uses, so I'm not sure if that's common or I was unlucky.

If I were starving and you gave me a can of beans, I'd bash that thing open and get some food in my stomach. So I'd like to see a option added-- if you don't have a can opener in your pack, you'd get asked 'Smash open can?' which would cause you to lose X% of the usable food, plus maybe a random roll to see if you had cut/hurt yourself in the attempt.

It rewards forward planners, as they already have the forethought to have survived on other foodstuffs until they found an opener, so they maximize their reward, while allowing less prepared players to eke out another few hours of hope.

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