Hot Peaches v233


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I discovered this bug during previous versions of the game but given that I just exploited this bug just a few moments ago, I figure I should just go ahead and mention it.

So I cooked up a can of peaches, opened it, cooked it up and then I ate some rabbit bits I had and then low and behold I was too full to eat all of the peaches so I had some left over, with no other choice I went to sleep... wake up four hours later the open can of peaches are still hot, just to test it again,the fire was still going, so I cooked up a cup of tea, and then went back to sleep. Three hours later, the tea is cold, but those Peaches are still hot. I don't know if the pork and beans will do it too, after all who wants to take beans to bed?

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Guest mcopeman

Looks like these peaches wont ever get cold! Thanks for letting us know! I've passed it on to the team.


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