PV Farmstead House doors don't open, snares destabilize game


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I posted this in TLD Steam discussion also.

The game's been very stable til now. v 2.28 running since release. But there's been somewhat of an ongoing problem with PV Farmstead house and setting the snares around outside, the game sometimes becomes unstable in different ways, after using the snares. Most recent, today: can't open the doors to the house, nor the cellar. The car door (nearby) opens fine. Sleeping on the porch or in the car for a new save does not correct this. Even without using the snares, the doors don't open. The weather sound also cuts out. Exiting the game and restarting doesn't change this.

Attached outputlog


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Guest mcopeman

Hmm that's troubling. I'll have a look. In the meantime, have you tried entering the building since the hotfix yesterday?


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