YouTube - Gameplay Shares (Warning, May Contain Spoilers)

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I debated whether to share these video streams in the backer only section, the Alpha only section, or in the main forum... but considering these game captures are already available for public viewing, I figured this would be the best place to add more.

REMINDER: These game captures of The Long Dark are from the early Alpha Sandbox release [at least so far], so the playtesters are still discovering a lot of aspects, and making new discoveries with each playthrough session. I mention this because some areas or UI interfaces which might seem slow or limited actually do have faster ways of being managed easier once you discover some of the patterns and explore areas more fully. It's a very immersive game, and every round is a new challenge in survival -- and those Ah-Ha moment of self discovery are a huge part of the player satisfaction.

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It's on VIMEO rather than YouTube, but check out some of the exploration by 2BlackGeeks as Elaine kindly shares her game learning curves.

FROM ELAINE: "Yeah ... I suck at this game. No one seems to believe that I have the WORST LUCK ever playing this game so here is proof :) Every time I play I usually die within MINUTES or at least in the first game day ... 3 game days is my max. I think I died within the first 30 minutes of playing this time :)"

Hints: key runs, and more shortcuts from F1 Help ;)

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