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Taken from Steam:

"In this update, we're adding a significant new gameplay tool that will change the way you survive, a new location to explore, new gear, and extensive tuning to many existing systems. We've also performed a big upgrade to our soundscape, which makes it an even more useful tool and strengthens the sense of immersion in the world even further. So, this is going to be a BIG update."

Surely I'm not the only one excited about this update? :D Surely I'm not the only one who saw this message and immediately began speculating what the details for these changes will be. Anyone else feel like a fun brain storming session?

New Gameplay Tool

A new gameplay tool that will change the way we survive. What could it be? Will it be a more passive tool like an additional status bar or a more active tool (mechanic) like the ability to climb or jump.

Passive - The first thing that comes to mind for me is a morale bar as a means to balance out the hibernation strategy and fight potential boredom in those cases where a stockpile of goods has been achieved and there isn't a compelling reason to venture back outside. There have been tons of threads on this subject and many suggestions made along this line so this seems like a very likely candidate but... that could be my personal bias shining through.

Active - Climbing or jumping - adding either of these as options could open up new survival strategies while also opening up new swaths of each sandbox to exploration. I could make a strong case for either of these being useful game mechanics BUT both come at a huge cost to the development team. Adding the ability to jump or climb (even if climbing came with a modifier based on experience to help determine if you are ABLE to climb some surfaces) would mean the devs would need to retool many areas of the game to prevent people getting to places they shouldn't (falling off the edge of the world - etc)

Of my two ideas I find the morale bar the most likely candidate. What other things do you guys think this could be?

New Location

Let the speculation run wild! What could it be? I've been to Pleasant Valley but died there during my last excursion before completely exploring the zone so I don't have a clear idea where the transition to a new 4th area could be added (which would be useful in helping brainstorm the form the new area could actually take) Then again the new area doesn't necessarily have to be attached to Pleasant Valley. It could be attached to Mystery Lake... or even Coastal Highway. There is no reason these zones have to all be daisy chained in succession although that does seem most likely especially if these areas will be used in story mode later. I think it will most likely be attached to PV with ML as a second less likely option. But what will the area BE?!?!

Lumber Processing Plant - We've seen the presence of a logging company in the area. Could it be a zone revolving around a central complex for the logging company headquarters? Abandoned semi trucks with a small train depot and crane (imagine the view from the top) for loading/unloading logs and maybe a large mill where the logs are processed?

Rail Yard (Large Train Depot) - Imagine a massive abandoned rail yard full of train cars (some alone, others hitched to abandoned engines in succession) Many could be for logging and others for shipping (maybe some are even passenger cars or dining cars) There could be lots of places for wolves to ambush you in a place like this. Maybe Fluffy has a cousin who likes to hang out in a dining car. Mua hahaaaaaaa!

Ski Resort - Oh the potential! Tons of open back country sprinkled with abandoned ski lifts, small rows of cottages, a central "mini town" near the heart of the zone where most of the lifts take off from, snow mobiles, maybe a snow cat (rescue vehicle)

Small Tourist Town - A very small mountain town surrounded by dense wilderness. In the town proper you could have a single street flanked by some old 1800s style row shops (the ones with the big open windows in the front) a small train depot, an information center with an abandoned gondola (lift) and a few houses. The dense wilderness surrounding the central town could be peppered with small cabins.

Tourist Railway - I've been thinking about this idea for a while. Out here in Colorado I've been on many mountain roads and railway lines where the path taken is essentially a groove through the mountainside with nothing but sheer cliffs on both sides for miles and miles. What if the new area is a long, thin zone that follows some train tracks up the mountain? This could present a new type of challenge. Shelter could be difficult to find following the tracks. Occasionally you might come across a stream, a bridge over a ravine (like the transition zone we have now), a small junction with abandoned rail cars or... what if you came across an entire abandoned train? (passenger cars, dining cars, luggage cars, engines, etc) Maybe some of the cars are open but some aren't?

These are just a few of my ideas. I'd love to hear everyone elses!

New Gear

The promise of new gear really does make it feel like Christmas! What new gear do you guys think we might get?

Tent - the ability to find a portable shelter to use as a windbreak would be awesome!

Sled - having access to a mobile storage container to extend how much you can carry would be handy!

Traps - bear traps or similar devices to incapacitate large game would be cool!

Air Horn - could be used to scare away wildlife (an alternative to flares).

Those seem like some decent candidates. What do you guys think? I'm so excited about this update!

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I too am pretty excited for the update--though I haven't had much time to play, and have yet (like you) to fully explore PV.

For new gear, I wonder if it could be craftable pants? :)

The soundscape is already quite excellent-- very curious as to the changes to this part of the game.

As to potential locations-- we've had many suggested, so I am curious if it is one of these.

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The mood bar sounds like a great idea! Having to watch out for insanity and cabin fever would add an interesting twist to the game. My own greed has been the death of my on many an occasion.

I'm also really hoping we're going to be able to craft some pants! Bearskin pants to cover me buttocks! And a hat! Nothing says 'I shall prevail' like a wolfhead hat - 'Look, I killed a wolf and now I am wearing his severed head... on MY head.'

As for the new location... hmmm, let's see. I love the idea of an old train cemetery. Or maybe an undergound village.

So many possibilities to explore, I'm looking forward to whatever it is the update brings. These guys have been doing such a splendid job!

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