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I purchased the game lastnight through steam and must say it ran flawlessly. I would like to say though that there needs to be more interaction with the environment.

In real survival which I assume that is the goal of this game there should be easier ways to get wood and not limited to the few pick ups scattered around. Real world you should be able to cut trees, or pick up limbs..gathering woods should be a lot easier. If you want a way to make the game more challenging Id suggest gathering food or atleast the hunting should be more time consuming as in real life.

Another thing is the weight, sixty six pounds isn't that much. Although fair I do believe the constant leaving items after foraging for players will get old quickly. Twenty more should be a nice trade.

You should also be able to scavenge : clothes off bodies, loose wood or chopped, break beds chairs etc for wood,

In all I think everything else ties in nicely, I like the way things are nicely stacked when dropped and how when closer to a cliff it breaks the wind. Looking forward to those changes though as will a lot of people I belive.

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