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Crafting using invalid time and crafting using too many items seem not to be fixed completely, if you cancel while crafting:

- Start to craft something

- Cancel it, it will most likely be cancelled at an odd amount of remaining crafting time, e.g. 1hr 17 minutes left

- Resume the crafting and set it to maximum time to let it finish, e.g. 1hr 17 mins. items are used up, but the UI still displays the same window where you selected crafting time, and the tool you used, and you can click another time to craft again the last performed time, e.g. 1hr 17 mins.. I did it when crafting a wolf skin pelt, it seemed to use up another 2 gut, but no more wolf skins, since i had none left. After that i performed the last segment, e.g. 1hr 17 mins twice, i ended up with only 1 wolf pelt, but paid more gut than i should have, and worked longer than 25 hrs (with sewing kit) on it, but longer, e.g. 26 hrs, 17 mins.

Edit: Wolf skin coat is supposed to use 4 gut, not just 2, so it only used extra time, but no extra materials i believe.

Another issue:

- If you cancel while crafting something with low time consumption (e.g. fishing hook), the UI will entirely blank, and just disappears. Also there will be no crafting progress performed whatsoever. (Items will not be used thou)

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